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We are very passionate about electronic components distribution. Our industry is multifaceted and has grown tremendously. We are here to make a difference. We work together with you and your team to get you the right parts on time, every time.
At TecNoticias, we offer an enhanced value for our customers. When other brokerages come up short, our strong connections and networks are able to bring everything together. That is why we are highly sought in our areas of expertise. We have many repeat customers who trust us for their needs.
Electronic Parts Sourcing
We will help you get the parts you need.
Fast Procurement
24 to 48 turn around service on in stock orders
Quality Services
We can inspect and test product to meet your needs
Happy Customers
Our Company Expertise
If you are looking for obsolete electronic components, TecNoticias has the expertise you need. We specialise in finding difficult and hard to find, obsolete electronic components in Europe, Asia and all over the globe.
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In the Industry
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TSMC had Q2 revenues of $13.3 billion – up 20% y-o-y.
-- David Manners
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Looking at a world without touch
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Global Supply Chain Visibility is Essential in a Rolling Sea of Change
Shortages: A way of life
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